Vancouver Condo Presales

Vancouver condo presales

When you invest in Greater Vancouver Condo Presales with Virgin Homes, you become the first owner of an untouched,  unspoiled real estate opportunity. Each new home for sale possesses only the most modern features and accoutrements.
The choice is yours whether to enjoy the benefits as owner, occupant, or both.

Greater Vancouver Presale Condos




A presale home is a home that is available for purchase before it’s move‑in ready. It might be a home you choose to purchase before construction begins, or it may also be one you purchase while the building is underway. We showcase presale home opportunities across Metro Vancouver, including these key locations:


When the Greater Vancouver Condo Presales market is rising or on the verge of rising, presales are an excellent investment. Usually, presale contracts require purchasers to deposit about 10-20% of the overall sales price of the property, which warrants entering into a contract. Buying New and Presale Condos in Vancouver, BC has advantages for purchasers, including owner-occupiers, first-time home buyers, and experienced property investors. Presale properties follow regular market trends, with prices rising and falling pretty much as the property does. The distinction between holding onto a presale and a current property lies in how an investor can profit from the potential capital without the stress of occupants, property taxes, and month-to-month maintenance costs.

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